ADF "Select many shuttle" (af:selectManyShuttle) component does not show all items in the leading list

   ADF "Select many shuttle" does not populate all items available in binded iterator. I don't know whether this is a bug or some other reason, but af:selectManyShuttle in the leading list populates just no more items then defined in the "RangeSize" property of iterator.
   To my mind it supposed to fetch all items in iterator in bunches of %RangeSize% (like other components do). But it is like it is for now and the workaround solution is simply to increase "RangeSize" of iterator to reasonable size. It applies to ADF


  1. yeh..i have the same issue anyone with a solution other than this because i have 50k+ records and the max you can set is 32767 and also it is slow.

  2. Hi!
    Isn't it worth to change af:selectManyShuttle with ADF drag'n'drop functionality. You could put couple of tables and allow dragging items between them. Its not hard implementation and probably table filtering feature would be useful for such number of records.